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The objective of the project was to redesign a Regression Testing Tool for one of the client. The expectation was to incorporate new features and revamp the exiting ones to enhance the over all user experience.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study.




I worked with a partner for 3months and performed User Research, User Testing, Paper Prototypes and Mockups Interactive Prototyping in Axure.


The goal of this project was to improve the user experience and bring about a sense of cohesiveness to the tool. We opted for a lean approach which emphasised rapid sketching, prototyping, user feedback and design mockups. For the first phase of this project our focus was on redesigning the navigation, test creating, and relationship matrix



Research  —  Insights — Brainstorming + Explorations  — Solution + Development


We looked at multiple testing tools to discover best practices. We examined few popular Regression Testing tools such as AIES,QTP, Certify, Panaya, RFT and SilkTest to see what all features they are providing.


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We conducted user research consisted of conducting a screener survey, multiple interviews and user testing. We also conducted contextual inquiry studied how users interact with the current system.

Our study consisted of interviewing 15 users.

Participants’ profile :

  • Mainly Functional consultants & Team leads for SAP support teams

  • With more than 1 year of experience in SAP domain.

  • Major role is Design, Build & Deploy for SAP Modules & customizations.

  • Have worked on AIES Testing tool for a duration of 1 month or more.

We also conducted heuristic evaluation and usability testing of the current system and discovered some issues with the application.

Key Findings :

  • Information hierarchy doesn’t come out clear

  • Navigation needs to be restructured.

  • Desired actions to be taken are not clear.

  • Completely empty screen, user doesn’t know how to proceed further.

  • Visual indications for actions being performed are missing Feedback or indication (e.g.. Loader) of a pending action or processing is missing which results in confusion & irritation for the users.

  • Inconsistent interactions across the interface.

  • Proper alignment and design consistency is not followed across the interface.



After interviewing the users extensively, we look for trends, habits, pain points to develop our 3 personas

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Based on the client’s needs, we broke down the features list into 3 phases, based on the priority and difficulty to implement. So for the first phase we worked on the overal navigation of the tool, test case generation, relationship matrix.

To rapidly generate ideas, so we started with sessions between ourselves, and with our clients, then did paper prototyping for rapid iteration. Once all the flows and designs were finalized, we created an interactive prototype on the tool on Axure.

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