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Work @ Amazon

  • Own payments experience for shopping journey, and for Amazon Pay India.

  • Work with the User research team, 5 Product teams & the Engineering team.

  • Handle 3 of 4 Amazon Pay payment instruments - Pay Later, co-branded Credit Card and UPI.

  • Improved Amazon Pay Credit Card application flow to increase conversion by 30%.

  • Designed the UPI experience on Payment selection page to increase adoption by 40%

  • Redesigned Amazon Pay Later & Amazon Pay co-branded credit card experience to increase adoption and usage.

  • Conducted design sprint for reimagining the payment experience on

  • 2 major projects in development.

Note: Majority of work at Amazon is  still under development and will be released in the coming months. So, I did not include the details of them. In their place, I chose the next best, as these are already out in the market.


  1. Improvements to the “Before getting the card” experience:

Customers looking to apply for the card are unable to find / understand the benefits of the card, and often get lost in the journey. Some of the improvements I worked on are


a. Improved clarity on costs & benefits through reassurance:

A significant percentage of customers were dropping off without applying for the card. As per insights gathered by the Research team, this was because they believed they are not being told about the hidden charges. To solve this problem, I repeated the information that the card is free with no hidden charges along the journey, and also added information about the card benefits in sections where customers were dropping from.


b. Reduced the effort (actual + perceived) in completing the application:

The previous card application process was lengthy causing a reduction in application completion rates. To reduce the information a user had to enter, I used information from the PAN and Aadhaar national identification cards as well as the user’s Amazon account and prepopulated it in the application. To reduce the perceived length of the process, I split the single long page into subsections that progressively disclosed. This made a user think at a section level than at a field level making it feel shorter.


c. Defined the digital KYC (verification) experience:

The previous card issue process took 7 - 10 days, primarily due to the physical verification required. This became a bigger problem as COVID restricted physical movement and made it a health hazard. Making this completely digital made it much faster for the customers to get the card, and also made it safer for our customers and partners. I also worked on providing a way for users to track the status of their application, and to use the card even before the physical card arrived.



Combined, these improvements reduced the customer drop rate in the acquisition journey by close to 30%



2.  Improvements to the “After getting the card” experience:


Enhancing the experience of customers using the card and increasing the benefits they get from using the card. Some improvements I worked on are.


Analysing usage:

Users who got the card had no way to analyse their spendings apart from the bank credit card statement they received. Considering most users looked at Amazon as the place they got their card, I created a way for customers to easily keep track of their transactions & bills using an easy to use dashboard.


1. Get more benefit from of card:

Many customers who had the card but did not end up using it even when it gave them better benefits. I worked on building this understanding of the rewards in two ways. One was informing customers of the rewards and benefits they can get, when they came to track their past usage on the dashboard. The second was to inform users of the card rewards in the ordering path. This contextual nudge deviated them from the payment mode they used before, but in fact ended up benefiting them more.




Card usage amongst Amazon Pay carded users increased by close to 25%



The Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is a collaboration between ICICI Bank and Amazon Pay that offers a lot of discounts and benefits, especially on



This application was already live when I joined Amazon. I am the current Design owner working to consistently improve the customer experience and to add new features to it. I focus on understanding users and their challenges, recommending the problems to solve, defining the flows, and design quality check post development.


Increasing UPI registration and adoption:

Few users were registering to use UPI after we introduced support for it on Amazon. UPI was a payment mode with few steps and a high success rate. It also helped customers transfer money to others more easily. So, it made sense to increase its adoption both from a customer experience as well as business standpoint.

User research revealed that one of the reasons customers were not using UPI was because few understood how it worked. They didn’t know that UPI was a way to pay directly from the bank account. We then looked at data to see other popular ways users paid from their bank accounts.


When we looked at other similar mechanisms in which customers paid from their bank accounts, Netbanking seemed very close. So, it made sense for us to hinge on its popularity and similarity to get users to try UPI.


As opposed to the older approach where UPI was treated as a completely different payment mode, I combined UPI and netbanking into a single widget on the Payment selection page. By calling this “Pay with bank account”, I anchored on the existing mental model of a user that they are paying from their bank account. Users selected this option to find Netbanking inside, but I showed UPI here above Netbanking. This made users look at this new UPI payment mode, and also solved the problem of not understanding what UPI is. That out of the way, I focused on communicating the immediate benefits of using UPI to the user, thereby encouraging them to try it out.




Due to this, Amazon Pay UPI registration increased by close to 40%



Amazon announced support to the Indian national Unified Payment Interface (UPI) in Feb 2018. UPI is a single platform that merges various banking services and features under one umbrella. A UPI ID and PIN are sufficient to send and receive money.



This application was already live when I joined Amazon. I am the current Design owner. I focus on understanding users and their challenges, defining new features, defining the flows, interaction design, visual design and design quality check post development.


Other projects

I am currently working on 2 high impact projects

  • Redesign payment selection page on Amazon.

  • Redeisgn Amazon Pay Credit card application.


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